sergine Dumais

I started working with Sergine really early in her coaching career. It was obvious then that helping others reaching the next level is in her blood.

I often feel stuck with my vision of certain scenes or songs I have to sing. A session with Sergine helps me avoid losing time and energy on aspects that I think are important when they are not. Her approach is great. She gives me her point of view, ideas and all the tools I need to make the right choices so I feel comfortable playing the given scenes. That way, I never feel out of my element. Every time, her understanding of what needs to come out of the scenes is right on. After a session with Sergine, everything is much clearer and I feel confident about the choices that I made and the direction I'm taking.

Her coaching sessions had a tremendous impact on my career. In fact, I booked many roles that influenced my career positively because of Sergine and her hard work. I can't thank her enough.

Do yourself a favour, give her a call.

Yvan Pedneault
Singer/actor (La Voix « The Voice », We Will Rock You, Rock of Ages, Notre- Dame-de-Paris, Rent).


It can’t be denied that Sergine Dumais’s classes have become a must for any performer wanting to take their practice to a higher level. They are a tool that allows the artist to better respond to the demands and needs of the creators of musical theater from here in Quebec and everywhere.

Robert Marien
Les Misérables (Broadway, West End, Paris, 20 anniversary’s Jean Valjean), Notre-Dame-de-Paris, The Sound of Music. 

I was fortunate to work with Sergine Dumais during several musical theater workshops. Thanks to my work with her, I now have tools that I still use today to prepare my auditions in musical theater, but also often in television. And it works!

As a private coach, she also helped me tremendously in my preparation for my audition of 30 Vies in 2011, a role that subsequently opened many doors for me in the Quebec television industry. Without her, I am convinced that I could not have had such a good audition for this experience that was striking in my artistic career.

My work with Sergine Dumais was not only a career-changer but a life-changer. I'm so grateful to have had the privilege to work with such an inspiring woman and teacher and I would definitely recommend anyone eager to develop their acting skills to work with her! She not only allows actors to bring so much truth to their craft, she also makes it fun and playful, as it should be. Thanks a bunch!!!

David Noël
TV : 30 Vies, La Vie Parfaite, Toi & moi, O’. Musical Theatre : Sweeney Todd, Les Misérables, Captain Aurora II, Private Lives. 

Sergine Dumais ... How could I describe her? Go-getter? Audacious? Passionate? Sergine is for me an infinite source of inspiration and an obligatory passage. When she coaches an actor, she always knows how to find the little things to work on go even further in the performance / in the truth of the present moment. After all , musical theater is the creation of truthful moments in o erwise unlikely situations, singing and dancing moments in life as if it was perfectly natural! In short, I warmly recommend her workshops everyone.

Isabelle Giroux
TV: Salmigondis (Gemini Awards nomina on) Musical ea e: Hairspray, Grease, Le Petit Roy.